With the stunning background of the Great Smoky Mountains and an array of lakes and rivers dotting the landscape, Loudon County, long known as the Lakeway to the Smokies, offers visitors an incredible outdoor experience.

Water activities are plentiful in Loudon County, where the Little Tennessee River and the Tennessee River meet. Other rivers and lakes, including Fort Loudoun, Tellico, Watts Bar and Melton Hill Lakes and Clinch River, also boast spectacular boating, canoeing, fishing and skiing. Scenic parks offer wonderful areas to hike, bike or simply relax, and if golf is your game, Loudon County is a great place to tee it up.

If you’re a history buff, we’ve got an amazing story to tell. The entire area was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years while Fort Loudoun dates back to the colonial era. The National Campground site in Greenback, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is just one of several Civil War Trail sites in Loudon County while Sequoya Birthplace Museum tells the story of a remarkable Cherokee Indian named Sequoya who created the Cherokee system of writing.

Throughout the county you will find quaint restaurants, numerous shopping opportunities and charming and historic downtown areas. You will also find hospitable and welcoming residents who are more than happy to show off the wonders of Loudon County.

So, are you ready to go LoCo?

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