PHONE: 865-986-9169

ADDRESS: 110 Depot Street
Lenoir City, TN 37771

HOURS: Open Thursday through Saturday, 1-4 pm

Loudon County features the Lenoir City Museum, which is filled with artifacts from the city’s early days. It documents the city’s history from its earliest settlement by Major William B. Lenoir in the early 1800s to the arrival of the railroad at Lenoir’s Station, through the Civil War and into its emergence as a city in 1907. The Lenoir City Cotton Mill was one of several mills built on Town Creek at Lenoir’s Station by Major William B. Lenoir in 1821for the manufacture of cotton yards and batting. During the Civil War, the Union army burned the Lenoir general store and railroad depot, because they were Confederate sympathizers. The mill was threatened until Dr. Benjamin Ballard Lenoir moved among the Union army giving a secret Masonic handshake. The mill was spared and continued to operate as a cotton mill until the late 19th century.

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