Founded in 2006 to help preserve and document activities in the Greenback community, the Greenback Historical Society has expanded to now include participation in regional activities that benefit from the historical heritage of the area.

Greenback, founded in 1883, is relatively young compared to the noteworthy historical sites in the area. The region along the Little Tennessee River was a major center for Native American cultures many years before European settlers came to the region. The area around Greenback also served as a gateway region to the settlement of the western and south-center United States.

Fort Loudoun, the first British fort west of the Appalachians, was built in 1756 new the towns of Overhill Cherokee as an outpost in the French and Indian War. In 1794, the Tellico Blockhouse was built by the U.S. government across the river from the Cherokee lands to help keep peace between the setters and Indians. Portsville, one of the earliest incorporated towns in the state, was created a few miles downstream in 1813 and was renamed Morganton soon after, growing into the major river shipping port in the area. During the Civil War, Morganton was the scene of Sherman’s crossing of the Little Tennessee in December, 1863 as he was on his way to relieve the siege of Knoxville.

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